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Do Eggs Go Bad? – 3 Ways To Identify Spoiled Eggs

Eggs are one of the few animal foods that can be kept refrigerated for a very long time and still retains its quality and nutrition. Eggs don’t go bad automatically after date. The dates on the egg cartons are actually not food safety dates but are used by retailers to know how long they can sell the eggs.

So, to answer whether do eggs go bad, it’s important to understand the lifespan of an egg. A number of things should be considered like the storage style.

do eggs go bad

Egg storage experiment : Keep it around 40 degrees

In the 1970s, people at the Mother Earth News did an egg storage experiment by storing them in different ways. Some eggs were put in the fridge while others were not refrigerated to see how long they could stay in their storage conditions.

eggsIt was discovered that unwashed eggs kept at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit in sealed containers were still edible after around 7 months. The experiment concluded that:

1. Fertile and unwashed homestead eggs seem to stay longer than unfertilized agricultural business eggs which have been washed. Eggs that come from the chicken are coated with a tiny layer called a bloom that seals the eggs naturally.

Once the egg is washed the natural protection is removed exposing to bacteria and other pollutants that speed up the ageing process.

2. Eggs can be stored for a long time by putting them in a sealed container at about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The white part of the egg will become runny after sometime but they will still smell good, taste well and have a good texture. Ensure that they are not damaged or cracked before putting them in the fridge.

Safe And Useful Egg

If the egg does not have salmonella, it will never grow as long as it sits in the fridge.

However, if it has salmonella, the amount of bacteria will still be small because it does not grow in very cold conditions. Observe proper handling and other food safety measures like proper cooking to ensure the bacteria is killed.


spoiled eggs

All that said; there is a huge difference between a safe and a useful egg. Useful will definitely depend on what you intend to do with your egg.

How to identify eggs that has gone bad

1. The egg will lose its protein content as it ages and the whites will be watery while the yolk becomes fragile and flat. If you are planning to prepare angel food cakes or need the egg for poaching, it’s better to use fresh from chicken eggs.

eggs spoilHowever, if you plan to boil your egg, the older one is much better because the shell will peel off easily. If you want the egg for a cake mix, either fresh or old will still do.

2. A fresh egg has a white color that looks like the clouds while older one tends to look more clearly with the white color but it’s still useful.

3. If the white has a pinkish color and with a rotten smell, it has gotten spoiled due to one reason or another. Eggs that have been stored poorly can cause some health issues especially related with E-coli and salmonella bacteria.