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Does Beer Go Bad? – 3 Things You Should Know

There are a lot of things that get old with age. Vegetables and fruits get rotten after so long. Bread can stale out and mod too. However when it comes to beer, what happens? Can beer go bad?

A lot of inquiring minds want to know the answer to this question. Can beer go bad or what is the answer on this? Beer is something that can get very old and remain the refrigerator for years. It not something that can spoil like milk and it cannot make you sick if you drink it either.

does beer go bad

If a beer does manage to hand around in the same refrigerator for decades, it is probably sure, to still be good in its own way. However, one thing that may not be that good, would be the taste of this very old beer. Beer is not an alcoholic beverage that does grace good with age. It’s not at all like hard liquor and wine, which do seem to get better with age, if anything it is quite the opposite.

What happens I drink beer that’s left out

beer spoilTherefore, if you do drink an old beer, it won’t make you sick or kill you. It will probably just be something that will not taste fresh, or could even, sort of taste very stale to the taste buds. If a beer is refrigerated for a very like time, it won’t go bad, but it most definitely will end up tasting flat or on the stale side. So, with this said, can beer go bad?

The answer is yes and no. No, it won’t go spoiled in the refrigerator, but it can go bad in other conditions that can make the beer totally skunky and not fit for human drinking at all.

Beer goes bad because of

1. Direct sunlight

Direct sunlightWhat are some of the natural enemies that can make beer bad? The first answer on the list is no other than exposure to sunlight. Direct sunlight is the number one enemy to beer and it is something that can make a good beer go bad very fast.



This is the very reason that most beer bottles are a dark brown in color, in order to keep any light out, from the precious contents within the bottle. Days of direct sunlight can make beer contents go bad and taste very terrible. This is why it is better to buy beer in cans and look for bottles that are kept in a form of dark box.

2. temperature changes

temperature changesAnother enemy that can bring good beer down quick is no other than temperature changes. Beer should be exposed to one temperature at all times. Imported beer is a perfect example of beer that can go bad very fast, and this is because, it probably did travel across many time zones, and who knows what various temperatures it was exposed to before it reached your icebox.

Beer should be kept as cool, as is possible, because its life expectancy will last a whole lot longer and will lessen the chance of it going stale. You should only purchase beer that has been kept on ice for a decent amount of time.

3. bacteria

bacteriaThe third enemy that can make beer bad is no other than bacteria. Bacteria is one thing that no one can control and it is everywhere. However, one good thing about this is very clear, beer doesn’t support any kind of bacteria that can make you sick, or even kill you in the process. It is not very often that bacteria does manage to get into beer, but if it does happen, all it can do is grow in the beer and create waste products.

If you taste a beer that has bacteria in it, the waste products will be evident on your palate for sure. However, alcohol does contain its very own form of natural inhibitor, and this natural inhibitor will most probably not permit bacteria to grow in its midst.

Keeping Beer stay longer with good taste

How long does beer taste good actually? How can you make good beer stay good for a longer time? As was previously stated here, beer can remain good for a long time, if it is refrigerated and kept out of the presence of direct sunlight or changing temperatures.

However, regular beer will usually only stay good for a period of 6 weeks on ice, if normal conditions are present. It can be made to last longer, but this doesn’t guarantee that the taste will be good, which can be in question after a very long period of time has passed by.

If you do plan on keeping some beer for as long as you can, you should buy beer with a higher alcohol content in it, as this makes for the best beer to keep for an extended period of time. Nonetheless, despite the fact that the beer may not go bad in the refrigerator for a long while, this doesn’t guarantee taste quality at all.